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itihaasa chronicles the history of Indian IT. itihaasa is more than an homage to the past or a nostalgia tinged walk. It is a narrative of triumph that has brought us to the present and a missive of optimism for the future.

The success of Indian IT changed the way the world perceived India - from a land of snake charmers to a nation of smart & technology savvy people - and inspired an entire nation. Today, the success of Indian IT is inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We have captured the history of this seminal journey in the voices of forty four extra-ordinary protagonists who crafted the success of Indian IT. For who better than the people who made history to tell us about it.

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Itihaasa Process

We interviewed 44 leading luminaries of Indian IT for itihaasa. We followed a two step process with each interviewee:

  • A semi-structured, conversational in-depth research interview
  • Followed with a structured video interview published on itihaasa

Each published interview has been broken into smaller sections, with each section tagged on six dimensions of Time, People, Organization, Policy, Technical & Other Terms and Place. The final output is a mobile app that allows users to personalize their walk-through of the history of Indian IT.

People behind itihaasa

Patron & Program Conceptualization

Kris Gopalakrishnan

Program and Research Management

Krishnan Narayanan & Dr. N. Dayasindhu


Video Production Partner

Grasshopper Productions

Srikanth Shroff H, Prabhu Subramanian, Manjunath M, Kiran Xavier, Dushyant Singhania, Deepak Kumar, Suman S.H., Chethan Yogappanavar, Yogesh K Srinivas, R Babu, Kanna, Santosh, Anand Subramanian

Research Support Partner


Anirudh Parvatikar, Pranab Sen

Design Partner

NetBramha Studios

Divyam Khurana, Suhail, Sudaksh Soti, Mishq Laliwala, Aashish Solanki

App Development Partner

Compassites Software Solutions

Ashok Datla, Suneel Sastry, Chetan Banandur, Mihirkumar Kanaiyalal Joshi, Zeeshan Ahmed Khan, Gayatri RP,Mohd. Zameerul Hasan, Nitesh Kant Mishra, Prasanna Chitnis, Deepak Mitra, Shushrut D, Jaffer Sadiq, Nadeem M, Sindhu Namithesh Nair, Lavanya KB, Puneeth KB , Keerthi P

Content Writing Partner

Purple Gull

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Nitika Goel

Acknowledgement is made for the permission to reproduce content from their archives

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S.S. Oberoi, Prof. T. P. Rama Rao